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About us

What do we do?

We seek to combine our knowledge in design and jewelry to venture into the creation of jewelry in 3D printing, maintaining the quality of the products and the correct advice to our customers.


The story begins in 1981 when the founder of the company, offered 18K gold jewelry to employees of different public companies in downtown Bogotá.


Currently we are a company dedicated to the design of fine jewelry, as well as the creation and sale of jewelry files for 3D printing, offering a combination of the classic and the modern.


Thanks to experience, we have generated competitive advantages such as personalized attention to our clients, the quality and design of our pieces, and the combination of analog and digital technology.

II National gold circle jewelry design contest

Inspiration: Espeletiopsis Santanderensis

This species from the Asteracea family is found in the Páramo de Santurban and Páramo del Almorzadero in North Eastern Colombia.


Unique piece that won the Golden Circle Trophy and was published in national and international media


A perfect complement that shows the physical characteristics and natural charm of the plant


Once upon a time, perhaps in a not too distant time where men imagined a world that surrounded magic, but not far from reality. A world where jewels reflected fantasy and mystery, was a legend of only darkness. That place where the frailejones flourished everywhere, that with their existence provided more than a beautiful sunrise, they offered water, resources and life, but above all, they illuminated the moor, these infinite times that you have to remember but that thanks to man, were fades more and more.


This competition seeks to encourage talent and creativity in students, professionals, jewelry and fashion designers, artisans, goldsmiths and entrepreneurs in the Colombian jewelery sector.

What does it consist of?

It is based on rapid CNC prototyping, applied to jewelry. Where participants must design a piece of jewelry, taking as inspiration any department of Santander.