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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Arthur Factory Jewelry?

We are a company with more than 30 years in the jewelry industry. We started by selling exclusive gold pieces and currently our value proposition is to Maintain the art and exclusivity of a jewel that combines the handcraf process of making jewelery with 3D printing technology.

 What guarantees does Arthur Factory offer?

We offer a full guarantee of our files. If there is any problem with any of them, a full refund will be made. On the other hand we also offer the quality of our jewelry, because we use the best raw materials for its elaboration, as we also have a trained staff for the design of each of the pieces.

How the STL file works?

After making the payment of the STL file, it will be sent to the email registered at the time of purchase as a download link.
After being downloaded, the file is available for use.


What types of machines are suitable for Arthur Factory STL files?

Arthur Factory files only open in programs that support stereolithography. It is recommended that it be printed through machines with a maximum of 25 microns.

What are the  blue resin prototypes used for?

They are resin molds, made with 3D printing technology and work to melt gold and result in a piece of jewelry, in this case a gold ring and then give it the final finish and put the diamonds.