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Find the perfect ring!

Congratulations!.Time to choose the best ring for the right occasion, is a crazy,exciting and important moment.

The shape of the ring has a meaning that corresponds to the connection of the heart, the resistance and the bonding cycle of two peopleRemember that there are two types of rings, the engagement ring and the wedding ring. 
The engagement ring symbolizes a promise of love and corresponds to the moment when the union is formalized, It is usually worn on the ring finger, however this changes from culture to culture.
The wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love, formed by union, trust and faithfulness. In general, the wedding ring is sober and simple and represents the union as a pure act.



 1.Make a good match between shape and material, Choose the shape of the diamond and material that you like the most, could be gold or silver.
The cut of the diamond corresponds to a style, making each piece exclusive and in terms of material, there is greater durability and greater luxury. Each diamond has different carats and these make the value change, for example the round cut is the most expensive, while the pear cut is the least expensive.
While the best choice of material is gold, because it has more durability and resistance, making a good combination with diamonds.About Diamond, If you want to save money, we suggest you choose a diamond of a different figure, since the prices of diamonds increase when they are highly desired.
2. Make sure you have the correct measurement.
Keep in mind that the ring should be tailored for you, not only because it is your special day, but also why it may be small and cut off your circulation or become large and run the risk of falling.
3. Make a good match
It is important that your engagement ring and your wedding ring make a good combination and both belong to the same style, so you must ensure that they complement each other very well.

Good Luck, make sure you choose the right one!