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Our 18k Yellow Gold Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry illuminated with detail, symbolizing authenticity and sophistication.
Why Choose Our Gold Jewelry:
Permanent Shine:
Our gold finish ensures that every moment shines for years to come.
Water Resistant:
Your jewelry will remain impeccable in any climate, even during adventures.
Skin-friendly top materials for comfortable wear all day long.
• Perfect Gift:
An emblem for the best occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine's Day.

Care Instructions:

Quick Cleaning:
Clean with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Caution with Chemicals:
Avoid harsh chemicals and perfumes on the jewelry.
Store your ring in a jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratches.

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With this 18k gold jewelry, you'll be ready to dazzle and celebrate your authenticity.



Gold material weight (18k-L750)

3,6 gr

Total Stones


Stones Diameter

1 Central Stone 2,5 mm

1 Lateral Stones 1,75 mm

4 Lateral Stones 1,25 mm

21 Lateral Stones 1,0 mm


Carats (approx)

Central 0,0615  ct (per unit)

Lateral 0,017  ct (per unit)

Lateral 0,0084 ct (per unit)

Lateral 0,0064 ct (per unit)